Gold Leaf Bracelets 22Kt


Product Description:

22Kt Gold Leaf Bracelets. Blessed in Thai temples. Sealed with a sacred mantra that attracts luck, love, happiness, fortune. Light, water-resistant, and silent!

The 22Kt Gold Leaf Bracelets are a unique and special treasure, not just for their beauty and the delicate glow they add to the wearer, but also for their profound meaning and spiritual origin. Handcrafted by monks from the Buddhist temples of Southeast Asia, originating from Thailand, these bracelets are not merely decorative.

They are blessed in temples, sealed with a sacred mantra that attracts luck, love, happiness, and fortune. Lightweight, water-resistant, and silent, these bracelets are much more than an accessory: they are an amulet of protection and wellbeing.

The story behind the Gold Leaf Bracelets is rich and captivating. Also known as Buddhist Bracelets, Tibetan Bracelets, Temple Reeds, Kumlai Bracelets, or simply Temple Bracelets, each is the result of manual labor and devotion. Monks gather gold dust from offerings to Buddha and use it to fill each bracelet, which is then sealed with a protective prayer and sacred oils. This practice not only gives the bracelets an incalculable spiritual value but also makes them unique pieces.

Their design is as practical as it is aesthetic. Made from recycled silicone and Gold Leaf, their finish is flawless, offering a luster that intensifies over time. Moreover, their water resistance makes them ideal for any situation, enhancing their magical and protective character.

Their silence adds a touch of discretion and comfort, allowing for multiple bracelets to be worn at the same time. It is recommended to wear them in odd numbers to maximize their positive effects.

Available in various sizes and colors, the Gold Leaf Bracelets offer great versatility to match any look. Whether in summer, standing out on sun-kissed skin, or in any other season, they add a touch of elegance and distinction. Each bracelet is unique, reflecting not only the individuality of the wearer but also the uniqueness of its creation.

Beyond beauty and style, the Gold Leaf Bracelets carry deep and universal messages. They spread love, luck, protection, unity, and good fortune, making them the perfect gift for those we wish to wish the best. Their clasp or connector, engraved with Sanskrit mantras, is a constant reminder of their power and meaning. Acquiring these bracelets is not just a purchase, but an investment in wellbeing and positive energy.

Sold individually or in packs, with special prices starting from five units. This detail makes them even more accessible to those who wish to share their magic with friends and family, or simply enjoy the variety they offer. The Gold Leaf Bracelets are much more than a fashion accessory.

They are a link to the tradition and spirituality of Southeast Asia, a talisman of good luck and protection, and a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication of Buddhist monks. Wearing them is to carry a piece of history, culture, and magic, a reminder that beauty and wellbeing go hand in hand.

In addition to their rich cultural and spiritual heritage, the 22Kt Gold Leaf Bracelets cater to all tastes and preferences, available in a variety of colors such as classic gold, elegant silver, trendy rose gold, and distinctive bronze. This array of options ensures there is a perfect bracelet for everyone, regardless of style or occasion. To complement this versatility in color, the bracelets are offered in four different sizes: S, M, L, and XL, guaranteeing a perfect fit for every wrist.

This combination of color and size options not only expands the accessibility of these unique bracelets but also allows users to find the perfect piece that resonates with their personal spirit, making them an ideal choice for both personal use and meaningful gifts.

Product Details:

Gold Leaf bracelet 22kt
· Material: Gold Leaf and Recycled Silicone
· Interior Diameter: S – 5,5 cm : M – 5,9 cm : L – 6,3 cm : XL – 6,6 cm (approx.)
· Width: 5 mm
· Hand Made by the Buddhist Monks in Thailand
· Waterproof

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